Welcome to the Manyland Blog!

Nice to have you here! It’s Clarice here, hope you’re all well and good. So welcome to the Manyland blog! Here you’ll find everything about manyland that you want to find. Inspiration for building, a newsletter, fun stuff that’s going on in the Many-community and much more. If you’re a certified Manyzen interested in becoming a blogger here, please email me: clariceburn@Gmail.com to be considered for a position as a blogger. I can’t, unfortunately, guarantee absolutely everyone who offers will be able to join as too many cooks spoil the blog…

So, what is manyland about? That’s the big question. Well, really it’s about using your creativity and imagination to create something amazing! Developing your own creative style, finding your place in the community, and making friends in the process! As the game develops, more and more amazing people come and help us make this the unique place it is. People settle very quickly- I found Manyland via another Phillipp and Scott production, and it seemed very alien and weird. I built my house, made a couple of friends and met Phillipp once, and I was hooked- I’ve been an avid contributor since. And Manyland is meant to be alien, on some level: it’s all about finding mysterious places others have built, and then making a mysterious place yourself! You can make everything, from a simple wooden hut to a complex palace, a park to a lavish resort, because it’s all about using your mind to create whatever you want to create. A round of applause to the 2 people who made all this possible; Philipp and Scott! Without them, there would be no manyland to enjoy.

I hope you like this blog, and you enjoy all the posts here. My personal aim will be to post at least twice a month, as I have to juggle this with my other blog intheworldtodayblog.wordpress.com but I’m sure when more bloggers join the team posts will become more frequent. Hope you enjoy,